Actress accuses Hung of being touchy-feely

Tony Hung (left) and Rebecca Zhu (right).
Tony Hung (left) and Rebecca Zhu (right).

HONG KONG • Did TVB actor Tony Hung get too touchy-feely to make his character more convincing in new drama Wonder Women, or did he take too many liberties with co-star Rebecca Zhu?

Zhu, 32, thought it was the latter and she revealed, unexpectedly - in a radio-show appearance with Hung to promote the drama - that he sprang surprise intimate scenes on her.

She said that on one occasion, Hung, 36, suddenly kissed her. She would have pushed him away if the cameras were not rolling, she added.

According to the portal, she played it safe later by insisting that the two of them discussed upcoming scenes with the show's producer. She said the producer advised Hung to rein in his passionate acting.

When the radio deejays asked Hung for his take on the matter, the embarrassed actor said it was better for him not to comment.

Now, talk has it that he is upset with Zhu for damaging his reputation with her uncensored remarks.

In November last year, Hung was also left red-faced when another TVB artist, Priscilla Wong, 38, stunned the audience at a variety show with another titillating revelation.

She said she had seen Hung in the buff and then put up her pinkie to indicate the size of his genitalia.

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