Aaron Kwok's ex dismisses wedding talk

Lynn Hung stars as Ip Man’s wife in Ip Man 3.
Lynn Hung stars as Ip Man’s wife in Ip Man 3.PHOTO: SHAW ORGANISATION & SCORPIO EAST PICTURES

In her demure white lace dress and with her long locks, big peepers and sweet voice, actress Lynn Hung is the very picture of gentle femininity. She even holds up the virtuous Cheung Wing Sing, her role in the Ip Man movies and the wife of the wing chun master, as a role model.

She is not far from being that in real life, it seems.

Brushing off talk of wedding bells for her and her boyfriend, businessman Ken Kwok, rumoured to be ringing sometime this month, the 35-year-old says the proposal would have to come first and "I definitely won't tell people what kind of a proposal I want".

"If I did, then there wouldn't be any element of surprise. You should have the sincerity to think about it and arrange for it and that would prove how much you love me," she adds.

There has been renewed scrutiny of her love life since her ex-boyfriend, Hong Kong star Aaron Kwok, whom she dated from 2006 to 2013, publicly acknowledged early this month - for the first time in his career - that he has a girlfriend, Chinese model Moka Fang.

The China-born, Hong Kongbased Hung declines to be drawn into this touchy subject, observing: "I'm a simple person and I wouldn't read the gossip rags. Only when I'm asked about something would I know something has happened."

But perhaps there is a rebuke of sorts to her seven-year relationship with Aaron Kwok when she talks about why Ken Kwok is the one for her. "I'm included in his future plans, so I'm very happy."

Cross her at your own peril.

While filming Ip Man 3, she left her mark on its titular star Donnie Yen. She had to slap him in a scene and missed on the first two takes.

"I had not hit anyone before, so I was very scared. I could take only a small step forward and ended up missing each time," she tells the Singapore media just before the Hong Kong gala premiere of the movie.

Then Yen told her to give it her best shot.

"I gathered up my courage and it was so loud I was shocked. I left a palm print on his face and apologised the moment the director yelled 'Cut'. But Yen and (director Wilson) Yip were really happy with the take."

She is keen to try action roles herself. She says wistfully: "In the fight scene between Yen and (Mike) Tyson, their punches were so fast you couldn't even see them clearly, it was so cool."

Boon Chan

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