A-Lin goes the extra mile for fans

A-Lin, who had her parents sing onstage with her at one point, wows her fans with her wide vocal range.
A-Lin, who had her parents sing onstage with her at one point, wows her fans with her wide vocal range.PHOTO: MEDIACORP VIZPRO INTERNATIONAL

Taiwanese singer pulls out all the stops to connect with her fans, from hugs to sing-alongs, while keeping it spontaneous and real



The Star Theatre/Last Saturday

At concerts, some singers make small talk to engage their fans. Others enter into long monologues to unveil a personal, more vulnerable, side of themselves.

But when a singer walks off the stage to hug fans, lets audience members sing the chorus of her songs and invites her parents onstage to sing with her, you know she has gone the extra mile to make her fans happy.

That, and so much more, happened at A-Lin's concert last Saturday.

The Taiwanese singer, whose real name is Huang Li-Ling, pulled out all the stops at the three-hour concert for her 5,000 fans - all while keeping it spontaneous, generous and real.

The 33-year-old's singing ability, is without question, powerful. Known for her wide vocal range, she delivered power ballads such as Give Me A Reason To Forget and Loneliness Is Not The Hardest Part effortlessly, powering through the numerous key changes without a glitch despite having a cold.

But what impressed more was her connection with the audience. Even though tickets to her show were sold out months ago, she made it a point to thank fans repeatedly for their support.

Managing a few English phrases, she said: "You sound so good. Amazing. Touch my heart. Really."

And judging from her many interactions with her fans, one wonders if there is anything she will not do for them.

At one point during the show, she appeared in the audience, saying: "Many of you have not seen me in person. So here I am."

And several times, she invited the entire audience to sing along with her as she sang backup, turning the theatre into a giant karaoke room.

She also called on members in the audience to sing lines - and, at one point, the entire chorus - of her songs P.S. I Love You and Forget Love.

Happy to share the spotlight, she got her parents onstage to sing When I Think Of You with her and invited fellow Taiwanese singer Maggie Chiang, who was a guest singer at the show, to join her in a duet.

While some may have thought that the interruptions would have irritated fans who came to hear A-Lin sing, they were a refreshing break.

The power ballads might have felt monotonous if performed back to back.

Although A-Lin did not touch on topics such as her marriage to Taiwanese baseball coach Huang Kan-lin or their daughter, she did hint at domestic bliss.

Referring to how she sometimes portrays herself as a tragic heroine in her songs, she says: "In reality, I am not tragic. I am very happy."

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