67th Berlinale opens officially with mix of arthouse and blockbuster films

Politics and music so often at the heart of the Berlin Film Festival. This year's opening film combining the two.

Django is the story of gypsy jazz star Django Reindardt - a great musician and a man persecuted by the Nazis.

Out in force for the opening night - this year's Jury led by Dutch director Paul Verhoeven.

With other famous faces including Mexican actor Diego Luna and American actress Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Django director Etienne Comar and his cast also having their moment on the carpet ahead of the opening ceremony.

While star power is down this year - Richard Gere is one of a handful of high profile western actors taking part, using his time to meet the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Meanwhile his political drama The Dinner will have it's world premiere here.

As well as politics - perhaps even the Berlinale could not be complete without a blockbuster? 
Hugh Jackman back as wolverine in Marvel's latest - Logan.

Screening at the back end of the festival, it's not competing - but will likely be a hit with the punters.