$500,000 revamp for Zouk

The renovation of the private members' area aims to give clubbers a new experience

The revamp, which will start on Dec 7, will feature works by Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami. -- PHOTO: ZOUK
The revamp, which will start on Dec 7, will feature works by Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami. -- PHOTO: ZOUK

Nightclub Zouk is spending half a million dollars to renovate its private members' area in the main dance hall, despite knowing it will eventually have to move out of its Jiak Kim Street home.

Explaining the reason for the hefty investment, Zouk founder Lincoln Cheng, 67, says "the philosophy behind Zouk has never been about the money, but more about continuously giving our clubbers a new experience".

"This is why Zouk has lasted for more than 23 years and still remains one of the best clubs in the world," he adds.

Zouk has been given a final extension of its lease at its current location - until 2017 - if it manages to find a new location to move to by June 30 next year. If it fails to secure an alternative site, its tenancy in Jiak Kim Street will expire on Dec 31 next year.

Zouk, which opened in 1991, has not yet secured a new location.

Renovations to the members' area, which spans a space of around 300 sq m in the club's main dance room, will start on Dec 7 and are expected to be completed by Dec 19.

Mr Cheng says he wants to keep some of the new features "a surprise", but adds that he had acquired US$50,000 (S$65,200) worth of artwork by Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami for the revamp. The last major renovation to the Zouk members' area was in 2005 when the section was expanded from 200 sq m to 300 sq m.

"We want to continue to ensure that we offer our customers new experiences that are fresh and exciting. Having a facelift to the space will definitely help to bring a breath of fresh air to the club," says Mr Cheng.

Currently, Zouk has 3,500 members. The club's membership is considered highly exclusive as it is one of the few nightclubs in Singapore where it is given on an invite-only basis.

Members enjoy privileges such as free entry to the club, invitations to exclusive parties held at the club and access to the private members' area.

Mr Alex Lee, a business graduate in his late 20s, has been a Zouk member for five years and is happy to hear the club is pumping in money to revamp the area.

Mr Lee, who visits Zouk twice a month, says: "It's good that they are doing this. Spending such a big amount shows that they really are here for the long haul and even if it lasts for just a couple more years, no cost is spared for a great experience."