4.2 seconds: the time taken to shoot US band OK Go's latest music video

OK Go's new video for The One Moment features an explosion of colours.
OK Go's new video for The One Moment features an explosion of colours.PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM FACEBOOK VIDEO

OK Go, the American band known for their intricate and perfectly choreographed one-take music videos, released another jaw-dropping video on Wednesday (Nov 23).

The time it took to shoot the entire footage? Just 4.2 seconds.

The video, which accompanies the song The One Moment, starts off with real-time footage of a rapid series of actions. They include colourful explosions, flipbook animations of lead singer Damian Kulash singing the song, water balloons bursting and guitars exploding.

The scene is then played out in super slow motion over the course of the approximately four-minute song taken from 2014's Hungry Ghosts album.

The video, posted on the band's Facebook page on Wednesday, racked up more than 5.8 million views and 102,000 shares in 13 hours.

The band "used very precise digital triggers to set off several hundred events in extremely quick succession", it said on its website.

"The whole point of the video is to explore a time scale that we can't normally experience," the band explained.

The band first took the Internet by storm with their music video in 2006 for song Here It Goes Again.

It was a charming low-budget video of a synchronised treadmill dance routine that has since racked up more than 33 million views.

They have since made music videos that featured 2,328 dancers with umbrellas, as well as in zero gravity.