1965 is story of our lives


I watched the movie 1965 and honestly feel that John Lui's 1½-star review in Life (Trying Too Hard To Be Important, July 29) was unfair.

At no point did I feel that this was Government propaganda. Rather, it is a movie about a country's experience during a troubled period leading to its independence.

The script was well written and the acting was genuine. I was literally brought back in time. The market scene was so real that I could picture my parents in it.

Kenneth Lee

1965 is not only about the man who built Singapore, but more of a showcase of what that year was like. It transported me back in time and gave me a glimpse of how my parents and grandparents lived.

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Tan Veronica Lyann

The movie is a reminder to Singaporeans that we should never forget our past, so that we can appreciate the present and look forward to a promising future.

I will take my team of coaches and support staff (both local and foreign) to watch the movie. I hope we can learn the importance of staying united, regardless of race, language or religion.

I will also take my 12-year-old son as I want him to know what his grandma and grandpa went through during a turbulent time in Singapore and how important it is to stay united as one people and one nation.

Ang Peng Siong

The film 1965 was especially soul-stirring for me because I was a young child during those tumultuous years when the future had seemed so uncertain.

I believe the film is "Important" with a capital "I" because it drives home the message about how vital racial harmony is and how Singaporeans have fought hard for it.

The producers and actors did a marvellous job. The movie comes at an appropriate time - just as the nation is celebrating National Day. We have overcome many challenges and moved from Third World to First.

Jane Lim

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