16 years after his ex gave birth to his son, actor Max Mok finally says he didn't abandon them

Max Mok with his baby boy, born in August 2000.
Max Mok with his baby boy, born in August 2000. PHOTO: WEIBO/MAX MOK

HONG KONG - Years after Max Mok's former girlfriend gave birth to his son, who has since taken his stepfather's family name, the 55-year-old actor is finally dispelling accusations that he abandoned his flesh and blood.

He called actress Catherine Hung, 46, out on the matter on Weibo on Wednesday (Oct 19), saying: "Please ask yourself, was I really wholly in the wrong then?"

On Thursday, to counter a long-standing story that Hung gave birth alone in Canada in 2000, he posted a photo of himself holding his son, Ashley, when he was two days old, and another picture of his mother with the boy, said Oriental Daily News.

This month, Mok announced that he and Chinese singer Sun Yunling, 28, were ending their five-year marriage and that he was getting custody of their four-year-old daughter, said Ming Pao website.

On Weibo afterwards, he spoke of his frustration at being vilified by Hung or people around her. He wrote: "For so many years, anything I did, I would see your people chasing me and splashing dirty water. I've been scolded for getting a divorce, scolded for getting custody of my daughter, and scolded for even doing a public service."

According to Ming Pao, the pair fell in love in 1997 and broke up before the birth of their child in 2000.

Explaining his break-up to Oriental Daily News, Mok said Hung was married to her former husband when she was in a relationship with him.

After she and Mok broke up and she discovered her pregnancy, he said he arranged for his family to take care of her. He took time off from work and was beside her during the birth in Canada, he added.

"I didn't sleep that night. I was happy looking at him. I've kept the birth certificate until now," he said.

He said he had not had a chance to see his son for years.

Hung married Chinese actor Zhang Danfeng, 35, in 2009, and has a two-year-old daughter with him. She and her son, who is being raised as Ashley Zhang, have not replied to Mok's remarks.

Instead, both have been promoting her husband's new book on fatherhood on Weibo.