Enter a spell-binding tale of river inhabitants

Once Upon A River

Look out for exciting new offerings that give you unprecedented access to wildlife along the water’s edge and discover fascinating river inhabitants

Make the most of this June holiday at River Safari, Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park, for a deluge of fun and educational activities.

It has recently expanded its offerings with new programmes that enable guests to get up close and personal with its inhabitants, including a brand new animal presentation and two unprecedented behind-the-scenes wildlife experiences.

River Safari is home to a host of aquatic and land animals such as the beaver. PHOTO: WRS

Located in Mandai, the park is home to river- and land-dwelling creatures from 10 different rivers of the world, from River Nile to Yangtze River and the Amazon. You will meet over 6,000 land and aquatic animals, such as electric eels, anacondas and manatees. Don’t miss the chance to see the iconic pair of giant pandas, Jia Jia and Kai Kai.

Meet the river’s inhabitants

In an exciting new animal presentation, Once Upon A River, learn about various species that live in and around rivers in the wild.

This enthralling and intimate 20-minute show lets you meet and interact with a variety of animals. They include Luke and Chewie the pelicans, Justin and Selina the beavers and Peanut, Moe and Jelly, a trio of mischievous yet lovable capybaras, the world’s largest rodents.

Once Upon A River audience
Once Upon A River features an exciting dose of audience participation from plucky volunteers. PHOTO: WRS

Perfect for families with children and animal enthusiasts young and old, the animal presentation features a healthy dose of audience participation from brave volunteers. Observe the flight agility of Perry the brahminy kite, and let your arms be “branches” for the capricious Sam the oriental pied hornbill to hop on. And keep an eye out for a mysterious guest in your midst.

After the presentation, interact with the animal stars, and you can even feed the capybaras by hand.

feeding capybaras
Get the chance to feed capybaras after River Safari’s thrilling new presentation, Once Upon A River. PHOTO: WRS

These presentations are free to the park’s guests and run twice a day at 11.30am and 3.30pm.

Mingle with the manatees

Manatee Mania is a behind-the-scenes tour that gives you the chance to meet manatees, the large and adorable sea cows of River Safari.

You will be taken on a guided tour of the Amazon Flooded Forest. Meet cool animals like the giant river otters (seen for the first time in Asia) and the heavily armoured arapaima fish.

The highlight is a 20-minute interaction session with the manatees. Pet and feed the park’s animal icon Canola, the stately matriarch Eva, the cute infant Bueno and others as friendly aquarists share interesting information about manatees.

feed and pet manatees
Meet the adorable manatees in person as you participate in a training session with them led by friendly and knowledgeable aquarists. PHOTO: WRS

Tickets are priced at $118 for an adult and $72 for a child (aged three to 12 years). Prices exclude the cost of River Safari admission tickets, which must be purchased separately.

Enjoy 15 per cent off this experience from now until June 24 (terms and conditions apply). Click here to book tickets — spots are limited, so hurry and secure your place soon.

Enjoy fun river games

At the Giant Panda Courtyard, play a selection of educational and entertaining games that will teach you about animals and the environment.

Recycle like the otter by fishing out everyday, recyclable materials using a fishing rod and putting them into the correct recycling bins. Waste materials can harm wildlife and river ecosystems, so be sure to reduce, reuse and recycle your trash instead of throwing it in nature.

Come find out how elastic a pelican’s throat pouch is by throwing 30 fishes into it in 30 seconds!

fun River Games
Participate in a slew of fun and educational games at the Giant Panda Courtyard and redeem a mystery prize. PHOTO: WRS

Think you have a good memory? Test it by matching 30 pairs of animals in 30 seconds — no easy feat.

Capybaras are cute and loveable, but they weigh an awful lot. Find out how many people’s weight equals that of one furry rodent at the weighing booth. You just might be surprised.

For would-be builders, save beavers from predators by helping them construct a dam using twigs, and marvel at their engineering knowhow along the way.

Complete four games to redeem a mystery gift. River games are available on weekends and the Hari Raya public holiday from 10am to 4pm, from now until June 24.

Click here to learn more about the fun activities that await you at River Safari.