Elderly couple in US waited 70 years for dream wedding photos

Ferris, 90, sported a tuxedo, while Margaret, 89, donned a lavender gown and a veil.
Ferris, 90, sported a tuxedo, while Margaret, 89, donned a lavender gown and a veil.PHOTO: LARA CARTER PHOTOGRAPHY

It may seem unthinkable to get married without snapping wedding photographs, but this was the case for an elderly couple from Louisiana in the United States.

Ferris, 90, and Margaret Romaire, 89 tied the knot in 1946 in a 15-minute ceremony with no camera on hand to capture their special day, reported British newspaper The Telegraph.

They now have professionally shot photographs of them in their wedding finery, posted on Facebook by their Texas-based photographer Lara Carter on Oct 19.

She said she loved taking photos of the "amazing couple" as they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.

"I was SO honoured to be able to take this session. I loved every bit of it!!" she wrote in her Facebook post.

One of the couple's grandchildren, Amanda Kleckley, told ABC News that she wanted the couple to finally have the photos they never got a chance to take on their wedding day.

Her grandmother added: "I'm sure people had cameras then but evidently nobody thought to bring a camera to our wedding. We didn't have weddings then like people do today.

"The photographer was just so pleasant and made us feel at ease but we felt foolish, being 89 and 90 and playing dress-up like this."

Many have shared the photos online, with Ann-Marie Ballay commenting: "This made my heart smile. They said they felt silly but it came out great."

Tami Bott Prangle wrote: "I loveeeeeeeeeeeee all these especially him holding a black n white pic of them! so sweet!"