Detox this January, make cauliflower-crust pizza

Cauliflower is bland but versatile and can be used to make pizza.
Cauliflower is bland but versatile and can be used to make pizza.PHOTO: WASHINGTON POST

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January is a time for Drynuary or the Dryathlon.

This month, after a season of merry-making and festive meals, how about giving up booze for a detox? With Chinese New Year round the corner, it might be wise to start the year sans alcohol.

The trend has been gaining popularity around the globe.

Follow The Washington Post's guide on how to stay dry this January.

Tips for Dry January:


Every diner has his pet restaurant peeve. The Washington Post's food critic Tom Sietsema has put together 10 resolutions that restaurants can make to express true, be-our-guest hospitality.

They include keeping toilets clean and hoping that waitstaff will stop asking if the food is delicious.

The diner's wish list:


Refresh and reset the palate this week with three watermelon recipes from Malaysian newspaper The Star.

Make a watermelon and lychee cooler, a watermelon and snow fungus dessert soup, and a watermelon salad with macadamia nuts and arugula.

Watermelon recipes:

Cauliflower, that white, bland but versatile vegetable, is all the rage. Think cauliflower rice and using it as a gluten-free pizza base alternative.

When making a cauliflower-crust pizza from scratch, be sure to squeeze the chopped cauliflower in kitchen towels to get rid of as much liquid as possible, so that the crust will not be soggy.

Recipe for cauliflower-crust pizza:

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