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Debunking hair myths

Use a hair brush with wide-set teeth with rounded tips to avoid bruising the scalp.
Use a hair brush with wide-set teeth with rounded tips to avoid bruising the scalp.PHOTOS: DRGL, INNISFREE, ISTOCKPHOTO, L'OCCITANE, SYOSS, TANGLE TEEZER, VERB

Shaving your head will not make your hair grow faster and overbrushing may cause breakage

What are some common hair myths and is there any truth to them?

Do not pluck out your grey hair as more will grow back. Shave your head and your hair will grow faster.

These myths and old wives' tales have always been around. But Dr Georgia Lee, 48, founder of local beauty label DrGL, says they are untrue. For instance, she says: "Shaving or trimming hair regularly will not increase growth rate. Our hair growth changes according to age, nutrition, hormonal changes, stress and medication."

Should I pluck out grey hair?

You will not have more strands appear if you do. But plucking might hurt the hair follicle and possibly lead to bald patches.

Is it true that I should brush my hair more to keep it healthy?

Over-brushing may increase hair breakage. You can stop once the tangles are smoothened and the brush can run through the hair smoothly.

Pick a hair brush with wide-set teeth with rounded tips to avoid bruising the scalp.

Do I have to use conditioner for healthy hair?

If the hair is long enough to tangle, then conditioner or hair oil is a good idea. These will reduce tangling and unnecessary tugging of the hair, which might lead to breakage.

For those who have hairline or back acne, note that leave-in conditioner or hair oil may aggravate the condition.

Are there ways to make my fine hair thicker?

Start by having a healthier lifestyle. Having a balanced diet will aid hair growth. Reducing habits that can constrict blood flow, such as smoking, will increase the oxygen and nutrients delivered to the hair root.

Cut down on over-styling your hair as well, as this can cause breakage and hair product build-up.

You can also consider taking keratin-rich supplements to increase the girth of the hair shaft.

Are frequent hair treatments good for my hair?

It is good to go to a salon once or twice a month for a deep cleanse to remove product and dead skin build-up, which can clog hair follicles.

Some products to try 

Silicone-Free Moisture Mask, $13.90, from Syoss, available at Watsons and Guardian stores 

This hydrating treatment is free of silicones and paraffins. The label says the mask also helps hair appear fuller.

Camellia Essential Hair Treatment, $16, from Innisfree stores 

It is made with Jeju camellia oil and vegetable proteins, which the label says will smoothen and strengthen hair.

Olive Nourishing Mask, $55, from L'Occitane boutiques 

This silicone-free balm nourishes dry hair as well as hair damage from daily blow-drying, hair straighteners and colour treatments.

Solution Hair (Anti-Hairloss), $158, from DrGL, available at DrGL counters, DrSpa outlets and 

This lightweight, non-greasy, leave-in serum has a formula that the label says helps prevent hair loss and stimulate regrowth.

Detangling Brush, $24, from Verb, available at Sephora 

It detangles all hair types and textures with an easy-to-grip handle.

Thick & Curly, $30, from Tangle Teezer, available at Sephora 

A detangling brush specifically for thicker and coarser hair. The teeth formation flexes through the hair without getting caught in tangles, which the label says may help reduce hair loss due to cuticle damage.

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