Chill factor: Hot products to keep cool

With this sweltering weather upon us, how do we stay cool? The Sunday Times susses out things to eat and where to go

Mini rechargeable aircon


($13.80, from Lazada Singapore)

This hand-held aircon, which weighs 100g, is charged using a five-volt USB charging cable. It can run for hours on a single full charge.

It produces cold air with the help of a cooling sponge pad that the user has to wet with water.

Handheld fan that sprays mist


($23, from Lazada Singapore)

This electric fan produces a fine spray of mist that cools when it evaporates from your skin.

It runs on two AA batteries and comes with a compartment that the user has to fill with water. Ice cubes may be added to the water for a cooler mist.

Cooling pad for pets

($28, from Pet Lovers Centre)

When the ground gets too hot for your pet dog, place this cooling pad (50cm by 40cm) on the floor.

It contains a cooling gel that absorbs heat quickly and can be placed in the fridge before use to increase its effectiveness.

Cooling vest for dogs

($46, from Pet Lovers Centre)

If you plan to walk your dog while the sun is out, slip this cooling vest on Buddy before you step out.

More than 300 of these vests are sold at Pet Lovers Centre each year.

Benson Ang

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