Chill factor: Daughter loves fever patch, but not me

With this sweltering weather upon us, how do we stay cool? The Sunday Times susses out things to eat and where to go

I had my doubts. Can a cooling band-aid bring real relief to my child in this hot weather?

And would my three-year-old daughter, Leah, consent to me sticking the Watsons Cooling Gel Patch ($2.80 for four pieces) - normally recommended for fever relief for kids aged up to three - on her forehead?

It is our first time using the cooling patch and Leah, who is the kind of girl that picks her own OOTD (outfit of the day) with care, declares the gel strip a fitting "decoration".


She lets me stick one on her forehead as we head out to the playground and I slap one on myself as well, just to see what it feels like.

When we reach the playground, the patches on our foreheads immediately draw the attention of her friends, who gather around us asking if we both have a fever.

My forehead soon feels as if it has been sucking on a strong mint for too long; I get a mild headache, but Leah is unaffected by the gel patch.

The patch does have a cooling effect, but on that balmy evening, my forehead soon feels as if it has been sucking on a strong mint for too long; I get a mild headache.

Perhaps it is really not meant for anyone over the age of three.

Leah is unaffected by the gel patch and goes about her usual playground routine.

When asked about the patch, she would say only that it is "great", which, as every parent of a three-year-old knows, really means: "You seem to be speaking to me. I will make a meaningless sound to get you off my back."

But she wears it for the full 90 minutes at the playground.

When we head home for a bath, she removes it temporarily, after which she insists on wearing both her patch and mine, on her arm.

She soon chucks one away and removes the other at bedtime, two hours after the gel patch was first stuck on her. I ask why she took them all off and she explains slowly, as if the reason is plain for all to see, that it is not sunny indoors. She also says the patch is too cold.

The cooling effect of the patch is supposed to last for eight hours.

The patch certainly impressed her. The next morning, she asks me for one because it is, as she says, "awesome and cold".

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