Cecilia Cheung's supposed new man: More about media magnate Sun Donghai

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung's alleged new beau Sun Donghai is a billionaire Chinese movie producer.

Cheung, 34, was photographed having dinner with Sun, 47, and three friends in Singapore on Sunday. They were also spotted in Beijing last month.

So who is the mysterious new man in her life?

1. Billionaire and businessman

The Beijing-born Sun was formerly known as Sun Wenlong, and is said to come from an influential family.

He owns Guangzhou Investment Group and is the founder of a Beijing-based film company that has produced several TV dramas and movies

2. He is good friends with...

Her former father-in-law Patrick Tse, 78. Cheung's former husband Nicholas Tse, 34, apparently calls Sun "uncle".

3. Dated other Chinese actresses

Sun dated Chinese actress Li Xiaoran in 2008. She was said to be the woman who came between Sun and his ex-wife.

They broke up after Li fell for director Yan Po. Yan was later attacked by four men and sustained serious injuries. One of the suspects said he was a good friend of Sun, and said that he felt sorry for his friend.

Sun also briefly dated Chinese actress Yin Tao.

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