Captain America event not exploitative

I am more than a little bemused by the article Fans Cry Foul Over Expensive Captain America Packages (Life, April 20), where comic-book fans called organisers of the Captain America: Civil War blue-carpet event "exploitative" because of the high fees they had to pay to be near the stars.

Being a comics reader, I am an ardent fan of movies of the Marvel universe though my enthusiasm has yet to extend to attending such events.

Objectively, price is no yardstick of exploitation. Different business models afford different revenue streams and pricings.

The Captain America event at Marina Bay Sands is free to the public.

The organiser makes money through selling customised packages, priced from $68 to $1,288, which offer different goodies and levels of access to the cast. The most expensive option includes a one-night stay at Marina Bay Sands.

We must always be guarded against unscrupulous exploitation. But it is a stretch to call this event exploitative since there is a free component. As for me, I might even be tempted to attend my very first comic movie promotion event now that I know it is free.

Nicholas Tan

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