Show Dogs' problematic scenes

Critics are barking at family comedy Show Dogs over scenes that might help sexual abusers. They show a dog having its genitals inspected by dog-show judges, with the canine being told to ignore that touching and think of something else.

Local distributor Shaw Organisation is postponing its release to work on an edited version with the movie's producer.

Film on singer R. Kelly's abuse of black women

Digital media outlet BuzzFeed is developing a documentary about singer R. Kelly for the Hulu streaming service. It will explore his alleged abuse and exploitation of young black women.

Spotify to restore XXXTentacion's songs

Spotify is backing down after facing a rebellion from artists and some of its staff over moves to punish musicians for personal misconduct. The music-streaming giant will restore songs by XXXTentacion - a rapper charged with battering a pregnant woman - to playlists.

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