Breaking the ice with a skating Simba

Clad in heavy and at times cumbersome costumes, Disney On Ice performers truly ups the ante on regular skating. Michael Helgren, who plays Simba, shows journalist from the tropics Bridget Tan the world on ice.

SINGAPORE - He rolls, prances and claws. Ice skater Michael Helgren gracefully imitates the animal-like moves as Simba the lion from The Lion King.

While others may struggle to even stand on the ice, Helgren says he feels more comfortable on ice than off, having begun ice-skating at the age of 12.

The 28-year-old is part of a team of 42 skaters from Feld Entertainment's Wonderful World Of Disney On Ice who will be performing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium from March 15 to 19.

Apart from The Lion King, the show will also feature scenes from Disney favourites such as Aladdin, Finding Dory and Frozen.

Helgren first stepped into the rink when his sister was working at an ice rink near his home. Young Michael got to skate for free and was so enthralled by the sport, he has not stopped since.

Before joining Feld Entertainment in 2008, he was a competitive skater, taking home accolades in national, regional and even international competitions.

The Californian native was in Singapore to conduct a skating masterclass for the media earlier in February and gave Straits Times journalist Bridget Tan a few tips on the ice.

“Keep your arms forward and your knees bent for some shock resistance,” he says.

Learn more tricks from Helgren in this video.