Bid to be the first to bungy jump, ride on giant swing at AJ Hackett Sentosa attractions

An artist’s impression of the bungee tower at Siloso Beach in Sentosa.
An artist’s impression of the bungee tower at Siloso Beach in Sentosa. PHOTO: AJ HACKETT INTERNATIONAL

SINGAPORE - Will you pay to be the first to bungy from about 15 stories above Sentosa?

AJ Hackett International is opening Singapore's first 50m-tall bungee tower on Siloso Beach in Sentosa this August.

The attraction has started an online auction for a few of the activities to be launched in Singapore.

The winners of the auctions will be the first to "Bungy jump, Swing or vertically descend" from its 50m tower, before the attraction officially opens sometime in mid-August.

The auction started on Saturday (May 27) and ends on July 30 at 11.59pm.

The company promised "exclusive benefits" for all auction winners, which include the top 100 bidders.

The top 10 bidders can win invitations to the opening party, a photo and video of the jump, walk or wing, and free skybridge entry tickets, among other items.

The minimum bid required for a bungy jump is $250, and the top bid as of Sunday was $450.

The other two activities up for auction are the vertical skywalk and giant swing.

The top bids for those on Sunday were $160 and $200 respectively.

The vertical skywalk lets you walk vertically down the shaft of the tower. This will be the world's first full-time commercial vertical skywalk, AJ Hackett said.

The giant swing winches riders up to a height of 40m, then they can release the swing to sweep down to the ground at a speed of more than 100kmh.

AJ Hackett has branches in Macau, New Zealand, France, Australia and Russia, including the world's highest bungee jump of 233m at the Macau Tower.

The 2,500sq m Singapore site will also have a skybridge 47m above the ground where people can walk without a harness. This costs $10.

To join the auction, go to