Works by Singapore artists featured in Istana

Transformation Series 2 by Han Sai Por is in the Istana Art Collection. It is displayed on the Istana Grounds.
Transformation Series 2 by Han Sai Por is in the Istana Art Collection. It is displayed on the Istana Grounds.PHOTO: NATIONAL HERITAGE BOARD

SINGAPORE - There are 27 artworks currently displayed at the Istana, most of them by Singapore artists.

This was revealed today (June 20) during a media tour of the Istana Art Collection, a collection of artworks in the Istana by artists such as Cultural Medallion recipients Ong Kim Seng and Iskandar Jalil.

The works are located in various spaces in the Istana, including its function rooms, the lobby of the main building and on its grounds. There is also a curated selection which is displayed on a rotational basis.

President Tony Tan hosted a tea reception with eight local artists and several members of the collection's advisory committee in recognition of their contributions to the Singapore art scene.

In a press statement issued by the Istana, the President said that the Istana Art Collection reflects the strengthening of the Singapore art scene and the "cultural progress of our nation".

"Through the Istana Art Collection, some of these artworks are showcased to visitors to the Istana, including foreign dignitaries and guests. I am glad that the Istana continues to be a platform to recognise our local artists and their works," he added.

The Istana Art Collection was established in 1994. The works are acquired or commissioned by an advisory committee to reflect developments in Singapore's art history and Singapore's cultural achievements. They are part of the National Collection.

The latest addition to the collection is a large-scale triptych titled the Istana Garden by batik painter Sarkasi Said. The work, which was inspired by the flora in the Istana garden, was specially commissioned for the Istana Reception Room.

This work, alongside others located in the main building of the Istana and on the Istana Grounds, can be viewed by the public during Istana open house events. The main building is accessible for a token fee that goes to charity.

The next open house events are on June 25, July 30 and October 18, in celebration of Hari Raya Puasa, National Day and Deepavali.