Top HK opera artists coming here

Lam Tin Yau is the leading actor in Friday's show, Zhou Yu, based on a story from the Three Kingdoms.
Lam Tin Yau is the leading actor in Friday's show, Zhou Yu, based on a story from the Three Kingdoms.PHOTO: KRETA AYER PEOPLE'S THEATRE

Cantonese opera fans will be treated to four action- packed performances by top artists from Hong Kong at the Kreta Ayer People's Theatre from tomorrow.

The 50-member Hong Kong Young Talent Cantonese Opera Troupe, led by Leung Siu Ming and Lam Tin Yau, both disciples of the Chinese Cantonese opera legend, the late Lam Kar Sing, is back for the third time since its debut here three years ago.

By popular demand, the troupe, presently the most popular and youngest opera group in Hong Kong, came back in 2014.

Fans here will be treated to the troupe's signature works, including Everlasting Love In War, an action- packed historical opera featuring Lam and the troupe's leading actress Cheng Nga Kei. It will be staged tomorrow night.

Lam and Cheng will lead again in Friday night's show, Zhou Yu, the opera based on a story from the period of the Three Kingdoms (220-280 AD) made famous by Lam Kar Sing in the 1960s. It will also be action-packed, with acrobatics and fighting scenes.


  • WHERE: Kreta Ayer People's Theatre, 30A Kreta Ayer Road

    ADMISSION: $20, $25, $30, $38, $50, $60 & $80, available at theatre's box office from noon to 6pm daily or book online

    INFO: 6222-3972, 9146-1528


    WHEN: Tomorrow, 7.30 pm


    WHEN: Friday, 7.30 pm


    WHEN: Saturday, 7.30 pm


    WHEN: Sunday, 2.30 pm

The next two performances, on Saturday and Sunday, will star Leung, who first performed in Singapore in 2001. He was then a budding singer, aged 22, with the Zhanjiang Cantonese Opera Troupe from China and was already being groomed to be the next Lam Kar Sing.

Leung will play the lead role opposite Cheng, the female lead, in a Lam Kar Sing classic, Rescue Of My Beauty, a love story between a goddess and a scholar, on Saturday.

For Sunday's matinee, Leung and Cheng will partner again in a Yam Kim Fai-Pak Suet Sin classic, Reincarnation Of The Red Plum, a tragic love story of a court concubine and a scholar.

Other young opera stars performing in the four shows include Wen Yoke Yu, who plays scholar and warrior roles, and young huadan (female lead role), Lam Chi Ching. The young artists are in their 30s.

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