The Newsmaker: How violinist Siow Lee Chin bounced back from cancer and a broken arm

SINGAPORE - Five years ago, renowned Singaporean violinist Siow Lee Chin was driving alone to Georgia, in the south-eastern part of United States, when a massive 18-wheeler lorry slammed into her car. 

Her left arm was badly broken, but when paramedics arrived at scene, all she could think of was saving her violin. 

"It was in the day, I couldn't leave my violin under the sun, it would be ruined," she said. 

2012 was a particularly trying year for Siow Lee Chin. Not only did she survive thyroid cancer and a serious car accident, she also had to cope with the deaths of two loved ones - her patron, Lady Yuen-Peng McNeice, and her father Siow Hee Shun.

In the fourth episode of The Newsmaker, Siow Lee Chin, who came back from the US to Singapore for a few local events in March, shares how she overcame the odds to continue pursuing music, and the lessons her late father taught her in this journey. She also offers some advice for budding young talents and their parents. 

About The Newsmaker:

The Newsmaker(封面人物) is one of 10 SPH-produced short form digital video series as part of a pilot Public Service Broadcast initiative. In this 13-part series, people who have made news headlines in the past share with the host Fred Lai (Content Producer, Chinese Media Group Digital) how the news events changed their lives and how they have been coping since then. All episodes come with English subtitles. 

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