Sounds, sights and mirror maze to tease your senses

Stomp your foot and you will be able to change the look of the National Gallery Singapore.

From tomorrow to Jan 28 on Friday and Saturday evenings, visitors can step hard on 12 pads, each of which will then project visuals onto the exterior of the building.

Chromascope, designed by Australia's Spinifex Group, is one of several light shows and programmes in Light To Night Festival: Colour Sensations, organised by the gallery for visual arts showcase Singapore Art Week.

From tomorrow to Sunday, admission to the gallery is free from 10am until closing time - 7pm on Sunday, 10pm tomorrow and Saturday.

Several installations and performances have been specially commissioned for the festival, such as singers performing as part of Lee Ming Wei's Sonic Blossom. Viewers can also rearrange the hundreds of pillows in Thai artist Pinaree Sanpitak's installation The House Is Crumbling.

Outside, a giant light show will play from 8pm till midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and till 10pm on other days.

Titled Art Skins On Monuments, the show comprises four 12-minute projections playing on a loop on the exteriors of various buildings in the Civic District such as The Arts House and the Asian Civilisations Museum.The show was curated by visual artist Brandon Tay and sound artist Safuan Johari, working with 30 local artists.

On the nearby Empress Lawn, Melbourne installation artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney have created a house-size kaleidoscope, House Of Mirrors, where you can pay $2 to walk through the mirror maze.

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