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Artist Milenko Prvacki (right).
Artist Milenko Prvacki.PHOTO: MILENKO PRVACKI

Milenko Prvacki, 64, a visual artist and senior fellow at Lasalle College of the Arts, lives in a black-and-white colonial bungalow in Woodlands with his wife Delia Prvacki, 65, also an artist. Their daughter is based in the United States. He conceptualised Tropical Lab, an art camp for 26 postgraduate students from institutions around the world. The accompanying exhibition runs till Thursday at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore in Lasalle.

Where are you on weekends?

I am always in my studio. I am lucky I have been able to practise art for more than 40 years. For a lot of people, weekends mean they try not to do anything. For me, I am always working. But I enjoy it - I am not suffering.

What would you refuse to do during the weekend?

I try not to go to any event, especially during the day. That's the time I don't want to be disturbed. If I attend any, that means that person must be really special to me or it's an official Lasalle event.

It was about six to seven years ago when I realised I have to be more selective with my time.

When I was young, I thought if I didn't attend a show, I would miss something important. But now I know that nothing really happens during an opening. You go for an opening, you talk for two hours about don't-know-what. Sometimes you don't even see the art.

Are you active on social media?

I am very social, just not on Facebook. I opened an account about two years ago and I got thousands of friend requests in one day. It was a bit too much, so I closed it down.

I also don't communicate much on the telephone, but I am very good with e-mail. I always clear them because when there are more than 10 e-mail messages in my inbox, I get nervous.

Which famous person's weekend would you be most curious about?

I'm a tennis fan. I would like to see how the world No. 1 tennis player Novak Djokovic's weekend looks like with his family when he doesn't play tennis.

What is a good weekend to you?

A good weekend is when I wake up, have breakfast with my wife, listen to the birds singing outside, go to my studio and, later, maybe meet some good friends in the evening and have good food and conversation.

But if I could, I would spend every weekend with my granddaughter Divna, who is six. She lives in Los Angeles with her parents. We see her maybe one or two months a year, but it's not enough. She is growing up so fast.

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