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Anemones (2011)
Anemones (2011)PHOTOS: OTA FINE ARTS

In Motions, seven artists in Asia take a fresh look at the beauty of motion, exploring its meaning through diverse visual expressions, including video, photography and installation work.

Anemones (2011)

By Betty Susiarjo, glitter, hama beads, speakers, sounds, dimensions variable

The Singapore-based Indonesian artist's installation work resembles sea creatures and transforms sound into tangible movement. Speakers containing glitter are placed on the ground, projecting the sound of waves so the glitter "jumps" with the vibrations.

For Saya (2011)

By Hiraki Sawa, two-channel video, three minutes 15 seconds

The London- based Japanese artist experiments with the notion of perception. One screen shows a woman in a black dress dancing, the other presents the same image with a time lag of a split second.

Muted Situations #2 - Lion Dance (2014)

By Samson Young, single-channel video, seven minutes 21 seconds

The Hong Kong artist's work, a traditional Chinese lion dance performed without any percussion music, prompts the realisation of how movements are interlinked with people's memories.

Mr Hungry (2015)

By Tang Dixin, performance, 13 minutes

In this performance, the Shanghai-based artist establishes a rule not to touch the floor with his feet and explores the movement of the human body in relation to space and environment.

Passing (2015)

By Victor Gui, silver gelatin print and vinyl, 10.2x12.7cm (each), 59.4x 84.1cm (map)

The Singaporean photographer manipulates the perception of time and space in this work. He placed a pinhole camera on the dashboard of his car over a long exposure of about 30 minutes and documented his entire journey in a single shot.

Twin Dance (2012)

By Yeesookyung, single-channel video, 11 minutes 38 seconds

Expressing the dual identities of one person, this video shows two women in identical clothing performing a traditional Korean dance in almost exactly the same way - as if they were mirror images of each other.

In The Waves #1 (2013)

By Chen Wei, archival inkjet print, 150x187.5cm

The Beijing-based artist's In The Waves series comprises still images of young people dancing in a club. He says his images reflect the current situation of young people in China: Floating on the waves of society brings them relief and pleasure but, at the same time, they are terrified of being swept away.

WHERE: Ota Fine Arts, 7 Lock Road, Gillman Barracks, 02-13 MRT: Labrador Park WHEN: Till May 14, 11am to 7pm (Tuesday to Saturday), 11am to 6pm (Sunday), closed on Monday and public holiday ADMISSION: Free INFO: www.otafinearts.com/singapore/

Nur Asyiqin Mohamad Salleh

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