Hour At The Museum: Metamorphosis: (Edited)

#educatedbugs (2016)
#educatedbugs (2016)PHOTOS: TRUPHOTOS

Metamorphosis: (Edited) is an annual staff showcase by lecturers at Lasalle College of the Arts that explores artists' obsessive and transformative use of methods and materials. The exhibition shows how changing forms and discussion create new aesthetic interpretations.

#educatedbugs (2016)

By Sawn Hwang, adhesive vinyl on wall, Instagram feed displayed on iMac monitor

Visitors can photograph and upload images of the exhibition on Instagram, which will be displayed on the monitor. The work explores the role of mediation in exhibitions and how it impacts visitors' understanding of artwork.

Studies Of 'Blatta Orientalis' (2016)

By Chen Chin Tyng, resin, oil and synthetic polymer paint, wire, 8x4x0.8cm (each of the four parts)

Inspired by medical illustrations, this represents two hypothetical species and explores the complexity of cellular systems. The tiny sculptures contain insect-like features and parts resembling human organs.

Video Conference: VJ Vision 2.0 (2016)

By Urich Lau, interactive installation comprising a video mixer, visual controller, cathode-ray tube television, closed-circuit camera, radio transmitter and receiver, as well as digital video projection

This is one of a series of video installations that invites the audience to "spin and mix" images of themselves. These are simultaneously transmitted and displayed in an adjacent gallery via a digital video projection.

Unsteady Form (2016)

By Nadia Oh, five digital prints, wool, metal and crystal beads on fabric, 40x80cm each

This work depicts lights, shadows and landscapes seen by the artist through airplane windows. The views are captured through digital images printed on fabric woven with wool and crystal beads.

From The Ashes (2016)

By Eugene Lee, wood, fluorescent lights, photoluminescent powder, 40x44x20cm

This piece shows the transformative properties of materials. Viewers can look inside the work through a peephole. The surface of the work was made using shou sugi ban, an ancient Japanese technique of preserving wood that involves charring it with fire.

The Conference Of The Cockroaches (2016)

By Zaki Razak, 148-page publication, ink on paper, 20x15cm

The publication explores the representation of cockroaches in popular culture, history and politics and reflects the artist's interest in rituals, language and humour. These representations will be further explored with visitors at informal discussions.

Search (2016)

By Abdul Rashid Gapur, ink on wall, dimensions variable

This is a mural drawing composed of a single motif: a black dash. The flow of dashes references the movement of pilgrims around the Kaaba in Mecca during the haj pilgrimage. More dashes will be added throughout the exhibition.

Feasible 'Bites'? (2016)

By Janet Teoh, wooden and iron table and chair, porcelain and glass serving tray, plaster, paper, synthetic polymer paint, bandages, Perspex, beads, nylon, sponge, copper

The series of sculptures aims to make food "visually edible". The handmade sculptures represent food including Japanese sushi and sashimi.

WHERE: Praxis Space and Project Space, 1 McNally Street, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, Lasalle College of the Arts

MRT: Rochor/Little India/Bugis

WHEN: Till May 8, noon to 7pm (Tuesday to Sunday), closed on Monday and public holiday


Nur Asyiqin Mohamad Salleh

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