Hour At The Museum: c.2015

c. 2015 - is an exhibition by 34 artists from Noise Singapore's The Apprenticeship Programme, an initiative of the National Arts Council. These artists, aged 35 and below, were mentored by 18 practitioners from the creative industry over four months. The exhibition is curated by OH! Open House.

  • WHERE: Objectifs - Centre for Photography and Film, 155 Middle Road & Deck, 120A Prinsep Street

    MRT: Bras Basah

    WHEN: Today & tomorrow, noon - 7pm, Sun, noon -4pm


    INFO: www.noisesingapore.com

Stay Inside! (2015)

By Jerry Yeo Fu Ren, skateboard deck, series of seven, variable dimensions

The artist suffers from pediophobia, or a fear of dolls, and developed a fear of falling after a skating incident. Through this work, he explores and confronts both these fears in the form of illustrations on skate decks. Justin Loke from art collective Vertical Submarine was his mentor.


By Liang Moyun, video, 11 minutes

This performance work explores what might happen in 2065, when Singapore turns 100. The artist, who was mentored by creative director Pann Lim of creative studio Kinetic, uses her own body to investigate the topic and is seen interviewing herself in the video.

Paradigm (2015)

By Odelia Tang Wai Wan, mixed media, 100x100x12cm

Mentored by illustrator Speak Cryptic, the artist uses a zoetrope, or a manual animation device used before the advent of film, to explore the concept of time travel, future and fate. The device constantly spins and the almost hypnotic movement shows the stages of the moon cycle and sand shifting in an hour glass.

Grandpa, Is That You? (2015)

By Alvin Lee Yong Tan, paper and lightbulb, 15x100x100cm

Although he never met his grandfather, the artist was intrigued by a recent discovery of his late grandfather's mementos. In this installation, the viewer is presented with tiny detailed dioramas that imagine the adventures Lee's grandfather might have experienced. He was mentored by Yong, a design director with creative studio Somewhere Else.

LPH (2015)

By Clare Chong, video and standing mirrors, dimensions variable, 19 minutes 23 seconds

The title of this work is short for Lim Poh Huat, a security guard who also does bit parts for television. Chong's work, which combines video footage in an installation with mirrors, explores the idea of the "gaze" and how people view Lim, themselves and their places in society. Film-maker Jasmine Ng, who co-directed Eating Air (1999), was her mentor.

Bare Steel, Snow Blanket (2015)

By Tay Ining, mild steel and refrigerator parts, 244x305x244cm

Tay, who has worked in a metal fabrication factory, deconstructs a faulty refrigerator in this installation. The artist, mentored by film-maker Liao Jiekai, created a piece that will transform during the course of the exhibition. For example, the ice on the pipes melts and hardens and rust forms on the exposed steel.

Singacore (2015)

By MrGoatt, digital print, series of seven, 42x59.4cm

This work depicts a post-apocalyptic scenario in Singapore after a mysterious incident takes place. The artist imagines a nation that becomes a police state rife with crime. The artist was mentored by illustrator Ben Qwek.

Lift Up Your Hands And Bleed (2015)

Bernice Dela Cruz, mixed media, 120.6x160x80cm

A reference to the Biblical gold calf that Israelites made to represent Moses, the artist is making a comment about society's pursuit of material wealth in the form of a false god. Dela Cruz's mentor was multi-disciplinary artist Brian Gothong Tan.

Nabilah Said

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