Hour At The Museum: 7 Seven group exhibition at ShanghArt Gallery

The 7 Seven group exhibition at ShanghArt Gallery brings together works by seven Chinese artists, who study memory, perspective and the act of creation through their art. These include installations, sculptures, photographs and paintings which have been presented at leading art fairs such as Art Basel in Miami and the Foire Internationale d'Art Contemporain in Paris.

Zero (2012)
By Zhu Jia, video, 15 minutes

The artist displays a series of images that shows an actress in different settings, with the lens moving slowly, to evoke uncertainty.

Work No. 5 (2014)
By Shao Yi, installation, 79x73.5cm

The artist fashioned this by smashing a piece of safety glass into pieces, which he then framed. These shattered pieces then form a distinctly new product from what they used to be, a comment on the illusory nature of the world.

Natural Series No. 235 - Last Landscape (2014)
By Liang Shaoji, installation, 66x75x13cm

This exquisite abstract sculpture, in which webs of silk are draped across an iron panel, is meant by the artist to represent "time, life and nature".

Driving Out Flocks Of Sheep And Ashes All Over The Mountain (2014)
By Chen Xiaoyun, sculpture, 194.3x79x69.2cm

This sculpture was presented as part of Chen's solo exhibition titled Twenty-One Poems Of Lenin last year in Shanghai. It seems to re-cast the idyllic pastoral image as a slightly sinister one.

Madeln Curved Vase - Famille-Rose Vase With A Straight Neck and Peach Blossom Design, Yongzheng Period (2013)
By Xu Zhen, installation, 41x17x17cm

This curved vase's shape, size, pattern and material are similar to those of classical Chinese porcelain vases. Its neck has, however, been bent at a right angle.

Madeln, Turbulent- EJK2SFOP12VV (2012)
By Xu Zhen, spray painting, 60x50cm

This work is part of a series titled Turbulent, which consists of black, abstract paintings with cage-like patterns. They are made to resemble the wallpaper, as the artist is concerned with the act of exhibiting rather than the paintings.

Per square meter. Washing. My Landscape 5-03 (2010-2014)
By Wang Youshen, photograph, 100x100cm

This hand-made colour photo, which was washed in water, is part of a series titled Washing, inspired by pictures which captured thousands of Chinese people buried by the Japanese during World War II. The act of washing is a way to forget and clean up one's memory, the image seems to suggest.

Today 2004-06 (2014)
By Bird Head, installation, 72x67x8cm

This set of photographs features elements that are conventionally not part of an artwork such as traces of darkroom handling and special framing materials. Through this, the art collective wishes to explore how photography should be displayed.

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