Hour At The Museum

The Little Ravenous Orchid (2015)  By Adeline Tan.
The Little Ravenous Orchid (2015) By Adeline Tan. PHOTO: ADELINE TAN

Kult Gallery's latest show is a cabinet of curiosities, uniting the grotesque and odd artworks of artists from Singapore to Mexico. These 50 artworks from some of Kult's favourite contemporary artists are inspired by private museums and creepy freak shows of old, suggesting fantastic landscapes and uncanny creatures drawn from the depths of the imagination.

The Little Ravenous Orchid (2015)

By Adeline Tan, clay and acrylic in a bell jar, 24x19x18cm

Tan pays homage to the 1960 comedy- horror film, The Little Shop Of Horrors, which features a man-eating plant. Here, she puts a Singaporean spin on it by portraying the plant as a colourful orchid, which appears hungry for flesh and blood.

Mortis From Your Hit Parade Series (2015)


By Daniel Yu, resin and paint, 10x4x4cm

Singaporean figurine sculptor Yu creates terrifyingly detailed toys that could have come straight out of horror movies and this series sees monstrosities decked out in hip clothing.

The Smell Of Rain (2015)


By Orin Stuckenbruck, oil on wood, 30.5x30.5cm

New York-based Stuckenbruck creates a trippy purple dreamscape that evokes feelings of calm and peace.

Underspace (2015)


By Resatio, collage on wood, 15x15cm

Indonesia's Resatio pieces together a world where stars and the deep sea collide. One cannot quite tell if these are fish swimming in outer space or a man in an odd diving suit plumbing the dark depths of the ocean.

Untitled (2015)


By Tito, acrylic and paper mache, 35x30x28cm

Inspired by Buddha statues and the heads of lion dance costumes, Singapore-based Spanish artist Tito created this disembodied papier mache head, combining both Eastern and Western styles.

Underbrush (2015)


By Dawn Ang, mixed media and papercut, 28x12cm

Singaporean Ang has her obsession with severed body parts on full view here, as the mass of limbs and digits somehow come together to resemble a thriving and oddly beautiful coral reef.

Release The Chili Kraken (2015)


By Wonton Doodles (Band of Doodlers), digital painting on photograph, 24x30cm

Singapore art collective The Band of Doodlers brings imagination to life as an innocent photo of patrons at a hawker centre is edited to introduce the monstrous chilli kraken on a bed of ice.

2 9 7 7 (2015)


By James Reyes, oil on wood with customised metal frame, 30x30cm

The American artist shows that the stuff of nightmares can be true terror, in the form of black smoke and screams of office workers knowing that they are about to die when the Twin Towers in the United States collapsed on Sept 11, 2001.

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