Hour At The Museum: In Silence at Pearl Lam Galleries

Untitled (2013)

Group exhibition In Silence looks at the introspective qualities of contemporary art.

Untitled (2013)
Golnaz Fathi, pen on canvas, 146x128cm

In classical Persian calligraphy, movement, breath, thought and emotion unify and are expressed through the flow of the line of the qalam, a type of reed pen. In this work, Iranian artist Fathi abandons readability in favour of symbolism.

Pearl's Truism & Survival (2013)
Jenny Holzer, LED with RGB diodes, 24x173x6cm

American artist Holzer's work makes use of truisms in an ironic and humorous way. For example, while declaring their presence in the form of text, the characters have been deliberately made difficult to read, by displaying them on flashing and moving LED panels, as well as on uneven surfaces.

Performing John Cage's Song Books (2015)
Melati Suryodarmo, performance for video, 21:40

Indonesian performance artist Suryodarmo uses, as her starting point, the belief that human beings are like islands - self-contained and differentiated from one another. She performs actions and gestures repeatedly and laboriously, forcing her body to move in what is seen as an unproductive manner as no action is completed.

Talk About Body (2013)
Tao Hui, single- channel video with colour and sound, 3:45

The Chinese artist uses technology to force viewers to confront the conflict between how people are growing more distant from and yet virtually closer to one another in today's globalised world. In this work, Tao removes his emotions and presents an anthropological description of his body.

Dual/Duel (2016)
Zen Teh, photographic installation, mirror and inkjet print, 124x100cm

The Singapore artist considers a body's presence in a space for this work, which presents situations that challenge how people would orient themselves in a gallery. Through the work, she is positing that the mind can accept multiple perspectives of one subject.

i guess it is funnier from where you are standing #4 (2016)
Ezzam Rahman, artist's skin and nails, adhesive, polish, repurposed glass bottles and glass canisters, 31.5x19cm

Singapore artist Ezzam uses bits of his skin and nails in this series of works which, in a darkly comic way, captures the aftershock following a social high. The work looks at how people reach out to one another and, despite the euphoria of physical contact, lack emotional intimacy.

Sleeping (2014)
Sayaka Ishizuka, mixed media on canvas, 89.5x130x3cm

Ishizuka uses strings of rice grains as a metaphor for human beings. Rice grains come together to form patterns in her work - a representation of communal harmony. For the Japanese artist, rice is both seed and food acting as a metaphor for the circle of life.

WHERE: Pearl Lam Galleries, 9 Lock Road, Gillman Barracks, 03-22 MRT: Labrador Park WHEN: Till Sept 4, 11am to 7pm (Tuesday to Saturday), noon to 6pm (Sunday), closed on Monday ADMISSION: Free INFO: www.pearllam.com

Nabilah Said

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