Hour At The Museum: Liminal State at Mizuma Gallery


Liminal State shows works by emerging contemporary artists Eunice Lim, Ezekiel Wong Kel Win, Lavender Chang, Leonard Yang and Stephanie Burt. Presented by Mizuma Gallery, the show portrays social issues, dreams, memories and everyday aspects of Singapore.

Dweller (2015)
Ezekiel Wong Kel Win, animated video, one minute (looped)

Wong's works deal with social issues and human behaviour in a humorous way. In this video, the characters are portrayed like ostriches hiding their heads in a hole, dwelling on their sorrows and troubles instead of being accountable for their actions.

Steer! (2015)
Ezekiel Wong Kel Win, cushion, fabric, leather shoes and wood, dimensions variable

Wong appropriates the Chinese lion dance artform, presenting 10 figures hidden under the costume, instead of the usual two. The figures appear to be gesturing in different directions while still joined within a single body. This suggests the notion of self-interest, as people act without sharing a goal.

In-between land (2016)
Eunice Lim, acrylic on paper collage, 75x150cm

Lim's work references the land reclamation disputes between Singapore and Malaysia. She plays with layers and spaces, mirroring the contours of the Singapore landscape from the 1970s to today. The work suggests the spaces between individuals in society, as well as the lack of space in Singapore, despite having more land.

Unconsciousness: Consciousness #11
Lavender Chang, archival fine art inkjet print, 100x122.8cm

Photographer Lavender Chang records the time during which a person is disconnected from the world, capturing these images overnight in domestic spaces in Singapore. The work touches on the idea of ephemerality and immortality.

Madeline's Delight In Pleasurable Habits (2016)
Stephanie Burt, wood, rubber, pipes, cloth, lace, pins, plastic, glass, needles, paper, ribbon, thread, dimensions variable

The artist references Madeline, an inquisitive and rebellious fictional character based on a children's storybook series by Austrian-born American writer Ludwig Bemelmans. This series of works explores the artist's own narrative for Madeline. The colours and shapes of this work are pleasing, but the details reveal an element of danger. The artwork dangles precariously, suggesting that our pleasurable habits may not be what they seem.

When Trees Grow Over Cities: The City I (2016)
Leonard Yang, oil and inkjet print on canvas, 51x76cm

Yang draws inspiration from depictions of ruins from the British Museum, layering the canvas with images of nature amid ruins. The work makes one question what atrocities have befallen these monumental structures and ponder on the future of civilisation.

WHERE: Mizuma Gallery, Gillman Barracks, 22 Lock Road, 01-34 MRT: Labrador Park WHEN: Till Aug 31; 11am to 7pm (Tuesday to Saturday), 11am to 6pm (Sunday), closed on Monday ADMISSION: Free INFO: www.mizuma.sg

Nabilah Said

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