Hour At The Museum: Hansel And Gretel reimagined in Klaus at Yeo Workshop

OH, BOY (2016)

The Brothers Grimm's evergreen fairy tale Hansel And Gretel is reimagined in Klaus, an exhibition presented by Yeo Workshop. It spins an alternative plot to the story through a village boy named Klaus. The exhibition includes the works of artist collective Hayama Projects, comprising Singapore-based Mike Chang and Los Angeles-based co-founders Juka Araikawa and Krister Olsson, as well as those of American artist Jasmine Little and Singapore's Chong Weixin. The exhibition delves into the idea of how maps can be interpreted as the artists explore themes such as memory, landscape and labyrinth.

OH, BOY (2016)

By Juka Araikawa, oil on canvas, 34.5x43cm

The artist was inspired by the night and how it transforms things into mysterious shapes. She started with a sketch, traced it onto a piece of transparency film and projected it onto canvas, and painted this piece at night in her studio, using only the light of the streetlamp outside her window.

TIP TOP (2016)

By Krister Olsson, acrylic, ping-pong balls, electronics, 26.4x141x2.2cm

This kinetic work is a large acrylic tank with a divider in the middle; water is pumped from one tank to the other continuously. As water fills the left tank, black ping-pong balls rise and spell out "TIP". When the water leaves that tank to fill the right one, black ping-pong balls rise to spell "TOP". The artist wanted to create the feeling of walking alone in the woods, for instance, the rush of water bringing to mind white noise in the woods.


By Mike Chang, wood, paper clay, paint, 28x28 x28cm

This cubic structure with flames is one of three small sculptures the artist is presenting, alongside a small drawing depicting a hallway with a red carpet and a person walking, all placed on an uneven table of the artist's design.

These works are about the visualising of space. The artist is interested in perspective art and how depth in two-dimensional art enables the viewer to "see" in 3D.


By Chong Weixin, digital print on metal, variable dimensions

The work depicts debris from the streets swept up into a world of their own. It is a surrogate world, says the artist, meant to be picked up on a fragmented trail.


By Jasmine Little, oil on canvas, 96x 72cm

This painting started as sketches inspired by the text on Klaus and the original tale of Hansel And Gretel. The moods, relationships between the characters and feelings provoked are translated into the layers of paint used to build up colours on the canvas.


By Jasmine Little, oil on canvas, 122x 112cm

The painting - which features figures that represent lost children at night - touches on the ideas of being left behind and learning to occupy and navigate a foreign space. The internal struggle associated with these tasks are conveyed through the figures' gestures.

Nur Asyiqin Mohamad Salleh

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WHEN: Till Aug 28, 11am to 7pm (Tuesday to Saturday), noon to 6pm (Sunday). Closed on Monday and public holiday


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