Hour At The Museum

Interior 3a (2011)

The exhibition Arrival by Sullivan+Strumpf, the latest entrant to art enclave Gillman Barracks, explores themes such as identity, materiality, memory as well as the human condition.

The gallery, which is based in Sydney, specialises in contemporary art and is headed by art dealers Ursula Sullivan and Joanna Strumpf.

Untitled (Oneirophrenia) (blue) #7 (2015)

By Tim Silver, pure white concrete, marble, dust and pigment, 38.5x24x26cm

Oneirophrenia refers to a dream-like, hallucinatory state caused by drugs or sleep and sensory deprivation. The artist casts his own face in a plaster mould, which he fills with bread dough that ruptures at the surface when baked.

Slippery Slope (2016)

By Karen Black, oil on canvas, 155x124cm

In this abstract painting, the artist meshes together different colours and surfaces to create her interpretation of tragedy. Black is known for exploring social and individual narratives, addressing both history and myths in her work.

Interior 3a (2011)

By Joanna Lamb, acrylic on canvas, 106x140cm

This artwork, which depicts a well-furnished room, is part of a series by Lamb, who deploys flat blocks of colour and generic-looking interiors to reflect the monotony of the Australian suburbs.

Anytime But Now (2014)

By Darren Sylvester, lightjet print, 120x160cm

This shiny-looking artwork which features people in their swimsuits draped across layers of foil could be a nod to how contemporary photographs are often crisp and glossy.

Lizard Tail (Breaking Cycle) #1 (2015)

By Hiromi Tango, pigment print on paper, edition 1 of 6 + 2AP, 81x170cm

This artwork of a person dragging a tail-like structure across a dramatic landscape is so named as the artist was inspired by how a lizard sheds its tail, akin to how people tend to tuck away traumatic memories and negative emotions. But like how the tail grows back, these memories also resurface.

Tarpaulin Rosette 01 (2016)

By Alexander Seton, bianco carrara marble, stainless steel, 34x42x50cm

The artist is well known for how he carves marble, creating unexpected forms with the material. With this artwork, he has fashioned a piece which looks both like a crumpled tarpaulin and a rosette.

Untitled (Babies) (2012)

By Sam Jinks, silicon, pigment, resin and human hair, 36x36x18cm

Jinks has created these two baby models from materials including human hair to achieve a disturbing likeness. He draws the viewer's attention to their vulnerability, which is captured in this frozen state.

WHERE: 5 Lock Road, Gillman Barracks, 01-06

MRT: Labrador Park

WHEN: Till July 10, 11 to 7pm ( Tuesday to Saturday), 11am to 6pm (Sunday). Closed on Monday and public holiday


INFO: www.sullivanstrumpf.com

Lee Jian Xuan

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