Hour At The Museum

Black Star (2015)

The Constituent Concreteness group exhibition at Mizuma Gallery, which features artists from Indonesia, Japan and Singapore, presents pieces that respond to the space and explores the materials they work with.

Diagram Of A Canvas As A Language (2014)

By Aditya Novali

Wood, canvas, steel sheet, magnet, approximately 30x30x2cm

The Indonesian artist meant for this work, which comprises the back of canvases and various wooden frames, to be a metaphor for identity.

Black Star (2015)

By Albert Yonathan Setyawan

Ceramics, 40x70x4cm

This work is made up of more than 80 black ceramic moths. In many Asian cultures, moths are said to embody the souls of dead family members returning to visit their kin.

Neolith (2015)

By Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo

Pigmented resin, volcanic ash and digital print on plexiglass panel, 312x181x5cm

The artist uses all kinds of substances in his work - from metallic powder to volcanic ash collected from eruptions in Indonesia.

Us (2016)

By Dita Gambiro

Tulle, dimensions variable

The Indonesian artist displays costumes in groups and layers, to show the multiple facets of a person's cultural identity: nationality, ethnicity, religion, social status and age.

Three Wishes (2014)

By Ken + Julia Yonetani

Glass figurine, butterfly specimen, glass dome and music box, 15x9cm

The pair of Japanese artists' fairy-like figurine, inspired by the Walt Disney character, Tinkerbell, highlights perils in the natural environment.

Chassis No. 6 (2016)

By Luke Heng

Paraffin wax on steel frame, 52x39x6.5cm

The Singaporean artist turns the conventional notion of a painting on its head with this work made from wax, which has a semi-transparent quality.

Political Dance (2016)

By Maharani Mancanagara

Charcoal on wooden puppets, wooden base and electric installation, dimensions variable

This intricate artwork blends the traditional wayang dance form with Western ballroom dancing and is based on the principle of divide and rule.

Lartucira #2.2 (2016)

By Syaiful Aulia Garibaldi

Lichen on fibreglass mounted on aluminium, 80x100cm

The Indonesian artist uses fungi as a medium in his work. Here, he uses lichen, a type of plant that often grows on rocks, walls and trees.

WHERE: Mizuma Gallery, 22 Lock Road, Gillman Barracks, 01-34

MRT: Labrador Park

WHEN: Till May 22, 11am to 7pm (tomorrow and Tuesday to May 20), 11am to 6pm (Sunday), closed on Monday and May 21


TEL: 6570-2505

INFO: www.mizuma.sg

Lee Jian Xuan

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