Hour at the museum

The Transmission: Instant Distant exhibition at Art Seasons Singapore gallery delves into the thoughts and memories of its artists. Through their works, the artists explore themes such as temptation, religion and the passage of time.


By Ang Ying Xian

Dye and ink on ceramic


The artist was influenced by her personal experiences with food to study temptation and issues such as over-indulgence, suppression, release and deprivation. "I explore, depict and question the sources of temptation, whether it comes from within one or through the object of desire," she says.


By Izzy Tan

Acrylic on canvas


This acrylic painting is part of the Everyday series, which attempts to capture images of everyday life as well as "unnoticed things that make time tick and the days pass", according to the artist. In this work, a woman is depicted in an unguarded stance.

HEY JOE (2015)

By Izzy Tan

Acrylic on canvas

122x 91cm

The artist shows a guitar player bent over his instrument, lost in musical reverie. His works attempt to locate that "certain romance that can be found in the nuances of our daily lives".


By Jonathan Lim

Pastel on paper


This artwork, which is a representation of the sky, sees the graphic designer-artist capturing thought and emotion through abstraction.

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By Odelia Tang

Pencil graphite on paper


This arresting pencil drawing of a skeleton festooned with decorations such as arrows, as well as leaves and flowers, represents the "multidimensional nature of personality in the form of the id, ego and super-ego", part of Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis theory, says the artist. It also reflects the artist's love of science, human anatomy and medicine.

LOVE (2015)

By Tan Chun Yong

Digital print on lenticular with light box


The artist's work reflects thoughts and memories from his personal life. Here, he has chosen to portray the emotion of lust as an intricate machinery resembling laboratory equipment, complete with wires, pumps and exhaust pipes.


By Kenny Low

Print on William Turner paper


The artist has created an image of downtown Singapore's night skyline with skyscrapers sitting atop a jumble of glass and metal, with red smoke clouds rising ominously behind it, as gilded birds flee the country.


Kenny Low

Print on William Turner paper


This sprawling post-modern collage is the artist's meditation on religion in Singapore. He splices temple-like structures with factory buildings and concrete plazas. "It is an expression of how many religions in Singapore co-exist," he says.

Lee Jian Xuan

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