Everyday things hold nostalgia

I can imagine the fun Ms Corrie Tan must have had from reading her article, Family History In A Trove Of Scribbles (Life, July 12).

The treasures I have amassed over the past few decades include every single letter and card received from friends and family since my school days.

Recently, I had some laughs with a long-lost pen-pal who lives in Penang, Malaysia, when we traded snapshots of each other's letters written more than two decades ago. I have never forgotten the then manually issued cinema tickets I sent her.

I have ensured that samples of my kids' early handwriting and compositions are preserved, along with some of their favourite toys. Digital technology, which is so pervasive these days, has made recording a child's history such an easy task that people often miss out on the immense value of tangible memorabilia.

Ooi Mun Kong


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