Disney tunes and more at Singapore Lyric Opera Children's Choir's annual concert

The Singapore Lyric Opera Children's Choir will perform an hour-long set at its annual concert on May 25, 2019.
The Singapore Lyric Opera Children's Choir will perform an hour-long set at its annual concert on May 25, 2019.PHOTO: THE SINGAPORE LYRIC OPERA LTD

SINGAPORE - Be serenaded with songs from Disney movies and Shakespearean operas alike when the Singapore Lyric Opera (SLO) Children's Choir takes the stage at its annual concert on May 25.

Themed How Far I'll Go, after the hit song from the 2016 Disney animated film Moana, the concert will also feature guest singers from St Margaret's Secondary School and Raffles Girls' Primary School.

Songs such as Everybody Rejoice, from the 1978 American musical film The Wiz, starring Diana Ross and Michael Jackson, will be included in the hour-long set.

Chorus mistress Rose Loh, who is in her 40s, says that the contemporary tunes chosen for the showcase can be a way for children to be introduced to more traditional operatic fare.

While opera is one of the earliest forms of sung drama, dating back to the Renaissance of the 16th and 17th centuries, today's version of sung drama can be found in animated films and musical theatre, says Ms Loh.

"They can be seen as gateways for children into the world of secular and sacred operatic songs that will require more vocal athleticism," she adds.

Besides that, music selections that have stronger narratives tend to resonate with children of all ages, adds Ms Loh. "Over the years, the programme content has evolved to include more of these elements."

This year's concert will include singing styles that the choir has not performed before. For instance, the choir will incorporate the New Orleans jazz style in its rendition of How Far I'll Go.

  • BOOK IT / SLO Children's Choir Concert: How Far I'll Go

    WHERE: Victoria Concert Hall, 9 Empress Place

    WHEN: May 25, 7.30pm

    ADMISSION: $30 (Cat 1) and $20 (Cat 2). No entry for infants in arms and children aged five and below.

    INFO: https://www.sistic.com.sg/events/cfar0519

The mixed ensemble will also be performing songs from British composer Benjamin Britten's 1960 opera A Midsummer Night's Dream, which has traditionally been performed by only all-male choirs.

Ms Loh hopes that the concert will serve as inspiration to children in the audience.

She says: "In the movie, Moana sings about how far she will go to save her home. Each child should also see how far they can go in their musical or life journey."