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Arts Picks: Abhinaya - musical expressions of dance

The cast of 4.48 Psychosis: (from far left) Rhian Hiew Khai Chin, Prajith K Prasad, Kyongsu Kathy Han, Ramith Ramesh and Li-chuan Lin, who is also known as Aki.
Srividya Sriram (left) and Vaishnavi Anand (right) .PHOTOS: ESPLANADE, INTERCULTURAL THEATRE INSTITUTE, PAO HOUA HER


Indian classical music and Indian classical dance are intrinsically intertwined, with dancers physically expressing the emotions that are inherent in the music.

This presentation, which focuses on the music of dance performances, will feature two up-and-coming vocalists - Srividya Sriram and Vaishnavi Anand - who have performed regularly in India.

They are fresh out of the Raga Carnatic Music Mentorship programme, an Esplanade initiative where selected Singapore Carnatic musicians are mentored by an industry veteran from India.

The performance will also feature veena player Bhavani Prasad and narrations by mentor Rajkumar Bharathi.

WHERE: Esplanade Recital Studio, 1 Esplanade Drive  MRT: City Hall / Esplanade WHEN: Sunday, 5pm ADMISSION: $25 from Sistic (call 6348-5555 or go to INFO:

The cast of 4.48 Psychosis: (from far left) Rhian Hiew Khai Chin, Prajith K Prasad, Kyongsu
Kathy Han, Ramith Ramesh and Li-chuan Lin, who is also known as Aki. PHOTOS: ESPLANADE,


Combining lyricism with dark humour, this play by English playwright Sarah Kane is an unvarnished look at the difficulty of questioning and communicating with the outside world through the lens of depression.

Presented by the Intercultural Theatre Institute, an independent theatre school for contemporary artists, the show is performed by this year's graduating cohort, which includes students from India, Malaysia, South Korea and Taiwan.

It is directed by alumnus Andy Ng Wai-shek, who was previously named Director of the Year at the International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong) Critics Awards for his experimental production, Ink Maze.

The production is rated R18 for mature content and coarse language.

WHERE: Drama Centre Black Box, 05-01 National Library Building, 100 Victoria Street MRT: Bugis/City Hall WHEN: Today, 8pm; tomorrow, 3 and 8pm ADMISSION: $25 from Peatix ( INFO:



Featuring works by artists from Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar, this exhibition is themed around South-east Asian beliefs and superstitions about otherworldly beings. Paintings, mixed-media and video installations, as well as documentary photography, are on display.

The show aims to encourage viewers to think about the invisible other in society - the people or communities that live on the margins because of ethnic, gender, religious or cultural differences.

One work on display is a 3D lenticular print titled My Grandfather Turned Into A Tiger - Jungle Fire (left), created in 2017 by Laos-born visual artist and photographer Pao Houa Her (right). It depicts a burning piece of land in a jungle and is based on a story about the artist's grandfather.

The exhibition is curated by Loredana Pazzini-Paracciani, an independent curator, writer and lecturer of South-east Asian contemporary art.

WHERE: Richard Koh Fine Art, Block 47 Malan Road, 01-26, Gillman Barracks MRT: Labrador Park WHEN: Till March 28, 11am to 7pm (Tuesdays to Saturdays); closed on Sundays and Mondays ADMISSION: Free INFO:


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