Artist animates a chocolate cake sculpture

(REUTERS) - A video created by French artist Alexandre Dubosc of an animated and multilayered cake has become a viral sensation gaining more than 10,000 plays since it was first uploaded onto social media on Friday, Oct 2.

The video shows a richly decorated rotating chocolate cake sculpture covered in icons, faces, fonts and pop corn.

The sculptured faces seem to be moving, the icons look like they are being pressed, and the cake's various elements seem to change levels and positions.

Hidden popular culture references are buried in the design for example a nod to computer games of the 1980's can be seen in the bottom layer.

Dubosc told Reuters that the optical illusion was created by putting the cake in motion and filming it in real time.

After the animation was finished, the cake, which is from a range Dubosc called the StroBeaux gateaux, was placed inside a box and will be displayed during an exhibition dedicated to Dubosc's work in November.

Dubosc finished by saying unfortunately his cakes were not for eating, but he hopes to change that in the future.