Art Titans: Three internationally acclaimed artists showing at Singapore Art Week

Yinka Shonibare

Face-to-face with headless, caramel-coloured mannequins, posed mid-action and dressed in vivid Dutch wax-printed fabric - this dramatic encounter awaits visitors to the first show here by well known British-Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare.

The exhibition - which is organised by Pearl Lam Galleries in Gillman Barracks and runs from Thursday till March 13 - mirrors Shonibare's love for surrealism and the poetic. It also includes familiar motifs from his more than two decades-long body of work, such as Dutch wax-printed cloth.

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Steve McCurry

Being directionless, and being directionless in the right place at the right time, have made Steve McCurry the photographer he is today.

His break-out image - that of the hauntingly beautiful National Geographic cover of the Afghan Girl with unforgettable green eyes - made him one of the most recognisable photographers in the world.

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Wang Guangyi

The Chinese avant-garde artist Wang Guangyi, a titan in the Chinese contemporary art scene, is often referred to as the "King of Political Pop" for his Great Criticism series, which superimposed popular Western capitalism icons onto Communist-style revolutionary propaganda posters.

The handle, which has since stuck, was thrust upon him by the Singapore media, Wang recalls.

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