An Hour @ The Museum: Spirit Of Abstraction at Artcommune Gallery

Mythical Energy III (1993)

The Spirit Of Abstraction exhibition at Artcommune Gallery features three Singaporean artists - Mohammad Din Mohammad, Yeo Hoe Koon and Wong Keen - whose paintings draw on schools of abstract expressionism from both East and West.

Mythical Energy III (1993)

By Mohammad Din Mohammad, acrylic on paper, 128x103cm

The Malaysia-born artist (1995-2007), who moved to Singapore at the age of two, majored in Western painting at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. A trained silat master and healer, he believed in creating positive chemical and spiritual energies in viewers through his art.

Ritual Feasting (2000)

By Mohammad Din Mohammad, acrylic on paper, 90x90cm

In Mohammad's later years, he did away with paint brushes and opted instead to squeeze acrylic paint directly from tubes, applying them with his hands. The result: brilliant whirls and smears of colour that reflected his inspired state of mind.

A Dual (2000)

By Mohammad Din Mohammad, acrylic on paper, 81x82cm

This artwork, gloriously done in shades of red, orange and brown, exemplifies his use of warm colours. His method is inspired by Sufism, the mystical dimension of Islam, and his beliefs in the therapeutic value of colour.

Flesh And Bombs (2012)

By Wong Keen, oil on canvas, 230x230cm

Born in Singapore in 1942, Wong went to the United States to study at the Art Students League of New York, where he learnt from expressionist pioneers such as the Germany-born Hans Hoffman. This work juxtaposes flesh-coloured tones with shades of black and sky blue.

At The Edge Of Dawn II (1998)

By Wong Keen, oil on canvas, 124x187cm

This work borrows the lotus' shape to express colours and amorphous forms. Layers of thin oil colours are used to create currents of overlapping hues, with black being used to balance the warmth of yellow.

Caesura (2014)

By Wong Keen, ink and colour on paper, 138x69.5cm

With this work, Wong sought to create a collage of paperwork using elements such as ink wash and acrylic paint. He also draws on the influence of Chinese calligraphy, as seen in the trails of Chinese black ink .


Green Mountain (2008)

By Yeo Hoe Koon, oil on canvas, 107x84.5cm

The Chinese ink artist, who is known for deconstructing and reconstructing nature through his works, blended tones of orange, green, purple and black in this painting.

Untitled (2015)

By Yeo Hoe Koon, ink and oil on paper, 35x96cm

Yeo was inspired by French painter Paul Cezanne in this work to reinterpret landscapes through form and sensation, instead of depicting them realistically. What looks like tree trunks are overlapped by shades of black, yellow and green paint.

Lee Jian Xuan

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WHEN: Till Nov 8, noon - 7pm


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