50 schools to keep 50 pianos loaned from Sing50 Fund

Isaiah Hui performs on a Red Steinway Concert Grand piano at the National Museum of Singapore on Aug 18, 2018.
Isaiah Hui performs on a Red Steinway Concert Grand piano at the National Museum of Singapore on Aug 18, 2018.PHOTO: DIOS VINCOY JR FOR THE STRAITS TIMES

SINGAPORE - This month (August), 50 schools will become owners of pianos that were previously on long term loan from the Sing50 Fund.

In 2015, the 50 Steinway-designed Lang Lang baby grand pianos were featured in a Sing50 mega concert jointly organised by The Straits Times and The Business Times.

Under the Sing50 Fund's Adopt-a-Piano programme, the schools will now have full ownership of the pianos.

Mr Edmund Cheng, chairman of the Sing50 Fund, said in a statement on Saturday (Aug 18): "The schools have been very committed in using these pianos to promote our local music through their music programmes and community platforms.

"We hope that (having full ownership of the pianos) will serve as a greater impetus and further empower the 50 schools to continue their work in promoting Singapore music."

The Sing50 Fund was set up during Singapore's jubilee celebration in 2015, in order to preserve and showcase Singapore's music and songs.

The gifting of the pianos coincides with the third anniversary celebration of Singapore Rhapsodies, a music series which has served as a key platform for young musicians and students to perform original compositions and promote Singapore's music and songs.

To date, more than 2,000 students from over 70 schools and arts groups in Singapore have performed at public spaces as part of this series.


Singapore Rhapsodies has been held at National Museum of Singapore since July 2017, and was previously held at National Gallery Singapore in 2016.

Ms Angelita Teo, director of the National Museum of Singapore, said in the statement: "Through Singapore Rhapsodies, the National Museum aims to continue to support our home-grown artists by providing them with a platform to showcase their talents."

For the third year running, DBS/POSB will be donating $60,000 to the Sing50 Fund in support of Singapore Rhapsodies.

DBS/POSB has been the programme's presenting sponsor since its inception.

Ms Susan Cheong, head of POSB said: "It is our belief that this programme will continue to celebrate and nurture the spirit of creativity in young Singaporeans."

To mark the programme's third anniversary, a special edition of Singapore Rhapsodies - Appreciation Day was held at the National Museum of Singapore on Saturday.

Performances at the event included the Victoria Chinese Orchestra, River Valley High School's String Ensemble, singer-songwriter Annette as well as young aspiring songwriters Isaiah Hui and Stefanie Loh, who will be performing their original compositions.