Almost edible deodorant? Katfood advocates the power of natural skincare

Kendra Liew follows her dream to pursue her passion in launching an accessible, all-natural skincare line.

Great ideas often start with a passion. For Kendra Liew, her interest in natural skincare bloomed when she got into the habit of concocting natural beauty formulas with ingredients from her mother’s kitchen.

Driven by her interest in natural skin care, the 29-year- old made it her mission to promote all- organic ingredients in beauty products with her own skin care line, Katfood.

In a sector inundated with mass-produced cosmetics made with synthetic chemicals, Katfood is putting the spotlight back on the power of organic ingredients with its apothecary-style products.

Motivated by the overwhelmingly positive response on her products with favourites such as cocoa dry shampoo, lemon lip balm, espresso body scrub and natural oil-based makeup remover, Kendra made a decision to leave her career in law to fulfil a niche in the local beauty scene with an affordable natural skincare option.

The gambit paid off. What started as a passion project is now a burgeoning cosmetic company and Singapore’s most awarded independent beauty brand. Guided by her philosophy for creating Katfood, Kendra eschews the bottom-line in favour of educating the public on the transformative powers of organic skincare.

With the use of premium all-natural ingredients, Katfood is advocating the belief of going back to a chemical-free skincare to the masses — one bottle of moisturiser at a time.

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