All you need to know about the Singapore International Film Festival

The Singapore International Film Festival is back after a two-year hiatus.

Will it be able to overcome its recent rocky history and generate buzz once more?

Life!'s entertainment team will keep you updated on all the latest about the festival, which opens on Dec 4 and will run through to Dec 14.

So bookmark this page for all the stories you need to keep in touch with the festival's goings-on.

Movie celebrities dazzle on the red carpet at the Singapore International Film Fest

This story was first published on Dec 5, 2014. 


The festival opened with a glitzy red carpet at Lido on Dec 4.

Check out the stars here. 

Zhang Ziyi in no hurry to marry

This story was first published on Dec 5, 2014. 


In town to walk the red carpet and promote her latest film, The Crossing, actress Zhang Ziyi was inevitably questioned about her love life.

Currently dating rocker Wang Feng, she says she has not pushed him to get married.

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Action film director John Woo is a softie at heart

This story was first published on Dec 4, 2014. 


Director John Woo is in town for the festival and revealed in an interview that he is a dance fan. 

In fact, a waltz scene in his latest film The Crossing was inspired by his memories of going dancing with his wife. 

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Singapore film festival movies range from thrillers to romances

This story was first published on Dec 4, 2014. 


Wondering which film to check out at the festival? Film correspondent John Lui and media correspondent Boon Chan survey the offerings here

Singapore actress strips for the camera: 'We are not having sex, it's just pretending'

This story was first published on Dec 1, 2014. 


Newcomer Angeline Yap tells Boon Chan why she decided to strip for Lang Tong, Singapore film-maker Sam Loh's thriller which shows at the festival on Dec 13.

The 27-year-old says she thought the nudity was integral to the plot: "It was used to tell a story and to convey a message more clearly. To me it's a form of art. I don't see it as sleazy."

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In The Absence Of The Sun sees love and hate for Jakarta

This story was first published on Nov 26, 2014

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Film correspondent John Lui talks to Indonesian film-maker Lucky Kuswandi whose movie In The Absence Of The Sun is the closing film for the festival. 

The director says that the movie captures the love-hate relationship he has with the vibrant city. 

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An Egyptian satire that resonates with arts workers in Singapore

This story was first published on Nov 19, 2014


Egyptian director Ahmad Abdalla, 35, is the Film-maker-In-Focus at the Singapore International Film Festival.

Four of his films will be screened at the festival. His debut Heliopolis (2009) follows six characters' lives over the course of a day. Microphone (2010) looks at artists living in Alexandria city while Rags And Tatters (2013) is about a man looking for shelter in Cairo after the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. Decor (2014) is a character study of a successful set designer who is struggling with a worklife balance.

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Singapore film festival opening film Unlucky Plaza is entertaining and has depth, says festival director

This story was first published on Nov 13, 2014 


Singapore director Ken Kwek's Unlucky Plaza, inspired by real-life headlines about rental scams, is the opening film for the festival. 

Zhang Wenjie, the festival's director, said the movie was chosen because "it packs a punch" and "it's a great way to open the festival". 

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Golden Cinema in Beach Road to relaunch as indie cinema called The Projector

This story was first published on Nov 6, 2014


Longtime festival fans with fond memories of venturing to ramshackle cinemas in shadier corners of Singapore for their film fix will be happy to know the tradition continues with this year's screenings at The Projector. 

This indie space is actually the old Golden Cinema in Beach Road which has been repurposed and refurbished by a group of design professionals. 

Read more about the space here

Reborn Singapore International Film Festival to offer training workshops 

This story was first published on Nov 5, 2014

The festival is introducing workshops for film-makers and film critics this year. 

South-east Asia Film Lab will teach budding film-makers how to develop stories into screenplays while the Youth Jury Programme aims to nurture budding film critics. 

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Singapore film fest to feature 28 local movies, including Kit Chan's debut lead role  

This story was first published on Oct 29, 2014

The festival has always showcased Singapore work and the rebooted edition continues this tradition with 28 local movies on the The opening film, Unlucky Plaza, the first local film to headline the festival, has already sold out. 

The Singapore works are among 147 films from 50 countries which will be screened at the festival. 

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Ken Kwek's Unlucky Plaza to open the Singapore International Film Festival

This story was first published on Oct 3, 2014


Local director Ken Kwek's Unlucky Plaza is the first Singapore production to open the 27-year-old festival. 

The movie is about a Filipino diner owner who resorts to drastic measures to solve his financial woes. 

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Singapore International Film Festival announces new team, which includes film-maker Eric Khoo, actress Janice Koh and arts fest head

This story was first published on March 25, 2014


Former festival directors Yuni Hadi and Zhang Wenjie return to helm the troubled festival, which had not been held since 2011 due to financial and personnel woes. 

The festival will also be rebranded as SGIFF, with a new festival board with 10 members including chief executive officer of Infinite Studios Mike Wiluan, and also includes actress and Nominated Member of Parliament Janice Koh and chief executive officer of Singapore International Arts Festival Lee Chor Lin.

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