A grand master makes tea

The history of Japanese tea ceremony dates back some 500 years. Mr Kobori Sojitsu, the 13th grand master of the Enshu-Ryu Sado School, demonstrates the art, traditions and rituals of its tea ceremony.ST VIDEO

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Watch ST Food's video featuring the art of Japanese tea ceremony as demonstrated by 13th grand master Kobori Sojitsu of the Enshu-Ryu Sado School, which was founded in the early Edo period during the 17th century.

The grand master was in town recently for the official opening of the National University of Singapore's Japanese Studies Culture Room. Making Japanese tea: http://str.sg/4C59


A brand of Japanese rice, which is touted as the world's most expensive rice, will soon be available in Singapore. It is the first time the Kinmemai Premium rice blend is being marketed outside Japan since its launch last year.

The rice was listed in last year's Guinness World Records as the world's most expensive rice, with a price of US$109 (S$140) for a kilogram.

Those living here can buy it from Nov 1 on the website www.kinmemai.com at $155 for a box of six 140g sachets. World's most expensive rice: http://str.sg/4C4K


Bake chocolate chip cookies that have soft and crunchy textures in a single bite.

The New York Times' food writer Julia Moskin has an Instagram-worthy chocolate chip cookie recipe for giant rippled, crinkled-edge cookies the size of a salad plate, layered with slabs of chocolate. Chocolate chip cookie recipe: http://str.sg/4CJK

Make classic cocktails such as a martini, Tom Collins or a negroni at home with The Washington Post's beginner's guide to cocktails. No, you do not need 50 types of booze or 100 types of bitters - you can make a wide range of cocktails with about 15 spirits. A beginner's guide to cocktails: http://str.sg/4CJu

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