7 tips for making a great video


Have you ever wondered, when you chance upon videos showing an ingenious recipe hack or a gorgeous holiday location: What kind of lucky soul gets to indulge in their favourite hobby, film it, and in the process, make a living out of their passion?

It's actually quite simple!

We give you the low-down with seven insights that will get you started on making a professional-looking video, with the potential to go viral and reach viewers who share the same passion as you.

1. Make sure your video has a purpose

As with all ventures, begin with a purpose. If you have a passion, such as cooking, your purpose is to share food recipes in a fun and engaging manner with a larger community of foodies.  

2. Hit the right note with your viewers

In this case, do it with the right music or voiceovers for your video. We’ve all had that experience of having a jingle stuck in our heads. It makes for a much deeper impact on your viewer, and creates better retention in their memories of your video.

3. Don’t beat around the bush with your story

You would have probably noticed it by now - most videos just get straight into the topic at hand. No fussing about with an overly long introduction as to what you’re going to show your viewers.

Remember: You only have about nine seconds to convince the viewer that your video is worth watching. And on average, most videos last just under three minutes.

4. Get help with camera angles and lighting

Video mode on smartphones these days makes it easy for anyone to shoot a video. But it still requires good technique. In general, use the rule of thirds when framing a shot for the camera. And don’t count on having steady hands when you’re filming continuously. Use a tripod to steady your camera.

If you’re serious about giving video creation a go, get some help and learn about camera techniques.

5. Location, location, location

A suitable place sets up the right mood and atmosphere. If you can only work with the basics, at least make sure your background is clean and clutter-free.

6. Duration and pacing

This almost sounds like a repeat of our third point above. But that only goes to show how important being concise is. Consider the length and pace of your video and the habits of your target audiences when you’re creating your masterpiece.

7. Have a good eye for editing

It’s probably something you have a feel for already, but if you don’t, you can experiment with special effects, special cuts and music for that final touch. And if you need someone to guide you, there are courses to help put you on the right track.

We know of a pretty good workshop to help you create your own professional video. Visit the Creator Academy Workshops to find out more about video-making.