5 bizarre actions by teen star Amanda Bynes who alleged her dad asked for sex

Troubled former teen star Amanda Bynes has been placed in involuntary psychiatric care, after the actress alleged that her father had fondled himself in front of her and asked her for sex. She later tweeted a retraction.

Bynes, 28, shot to fame at the age of 10 in 1996 with role in hit TV show All That and Nickelodeon's Figure It Out. At 13, she was given her own sketch show: The Amanda Show.

But her troubles began in 2010, after she announced she was retiring from acting and appeared in a racy photo shoot for Maxim magazine.

She has become known in recent years more for her legal woes, bizarre public behaviour and Twitter rants than her acting.

We look at five bizarre things she has said or posted on social media:

1. "I have a microchip in my brain"

She made a shocking claim on Twitter on Oct 10, accusing her father of asking her for sex.

Hours later, she retracted the claim, blaming the comments on a "microchip" in her head, but added that her father was the one who "ordered them to microchip me".

2. "I am getting married"

Bynes announced her engagement on her Twitter account on Oct 9.

But her "boyfriend", teen actor Caleb Pusey, has denied even dating her. Pusey, 19, met her in rehab but said they have not spoken in months, according to reports.

3. Dancing at Barney's

On Oct 8, she was filmed dancing at Barney's, New York before rubbing herself against her bodyguard, as she tried on a shirt, reported MailOnline which obtained the security footage.

Then she tried to leave the store wearing a hat she had not bought, and was issued a 'do not trespass' order, banning her from the shop, said MailOnline.

4. "The Obamas are ugly"

She was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs in 2012 when her BMW swiped the side of a patrol car in West Hollywood.

She responded by calling on US President Barack Obama to "fire the cop who arrested me".

"Hey @BarackObama... I don't drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don't hit and run. The end."

Perhaps bitter over the episode, she called Mr Obama and his wife "ugly" in a tweet last year.

She has also called a slew of others unattractive, including Miley Cyrus, Jay-Z and even her own father.

5. "I've unretired"

In June 2010, she tweeted she was done with acting.

"I've never written the movies & tv shows I've been apart of I've only acted like the characters the producers or directors wanted me to play," she wrote. "Being an actress isn't as fun as it may seem ... I don't love acting anymore so I've stopped doing it."

Within a month, she retracted her announcement.

She tweeted and invented a new word: "I've unretired."

Source: Reuters, MailOnline

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