10 Tips For Trail Running

Despite being a small country, Singapore has its fair share of running trails that are suitable for beginners as well as seasoned runners. Life pounds three trails to find out what they are like

1. Wear proper running shoes. Trails such as the MacRitchie Nature Trail are rife with tree roots and stones and you may have to lift your feet high to jump over them. Trail shoes are recommended, though they are not necessary.

2. It is best to start running early in the day as it can get hot quickly when the sun is up. On the pipeline trail near Dairy Farm, the path is shared with cyclists, who tend to appear in the late morning.

3. Remember to take along water bladders or bottles and stay hydrated on the run as you might end up taking longer than you expect to reach the end point.

4. As there are very few trash cans on the trails, keep your rubbish with you and do not litter .

Trail runners tend to be appreciative of the natural environment and Trail Running Singapore conducts litter-picking runs regularly.

5. Try not to run alone on more remote trails and go in the day when possible. Stay on marked paths and take along a mobile phone that has Global Positioning System in case you get lost.

Running in a group can also be fun as you may discover things that you might miss if you run solo. You can check out the Trail Running Singapore Facebook page ( for upcoming runs.

6. Be present when you are running and take in the natural sights and sounds.

Lose the music if you can and keep your eyes peeled for large roots and stones and animals such as snakes.

7. Be careful and give way to cyclists and faster runners.

8. Do not disturb or aggravate animals you come across. Do not feed monkeys or reveal that you have food.

9. It is okay to stop and walk, especially on uphill and downhill slopes.

Do not be surprised if you take twice the amount of time to complete your usual distance. Trail running is more tiring than running on paved roads.

10. Load up on insect repellent and wear longer pants to avoid getting scratched by vegetation.

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A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on July 17, 2015, with the headline 10 Tips For Trail Running. Subscribe