10 of the best rubber band loom creations

Rubber band loom products were in the news recently after the national standards body in Singapore found four brands safe for children.

Spring Singapore had received feedback that the four brands might have excessive amounts of phthalates, a chemical that makes plastic more flexible and durable, but has been associated with an increased risk of cancer.

Tests later showed that the concentration of phthalates was within the safety requirement of 0.1 per cent. Insight Laboratories, which in tests for Channel News Asia found five samples unsafe, has since been taken to task by Spring Singapore for incorrect reporting.

The rubber band loom products are popular among young and old alike, with more than eight million sets of the original Rainbow Loom sold worldwide since 2011. This success is partly because they can be used to make an array of impressive creations. Here are some of the best:


Rainbow loom sushi -- Kyle 2048, Pinterest


A Despicable Me minion -- Pg David, Facebook


A Santa Claus hat -- Larry Roberts, YouTube


Hot peppers -- LoomLove


Ariel, from The Little Mermaid -- Marlene Barressii Crafts, Facebook


Miley Cyrus -- Kyle 2048, Pinterest


A monkey -- Hobbycraft


Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel's Suit of the Loom -- Jimmy Kimmel Live, YouTube


Turtles -- Elegant Fashion 360, YouTube


Eeyore, from Winnie The Pooh -- Trudy Angliss, Facebook

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