10 celebrities who got into trouble because of drugs

Hong Kong star Jackie Chan's actor son Jaycee, 31, and Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, 23, are in hot soup.

The pair were recently arrested in Beijing on drug-related charges, reports say. This might spell doom for their careers in China. Recently, artist management companies there signed an undertaking not to hire stars with a drug history, reports Apple Daily.

The entertainment world is no stranger to drug scandals. Here are 10 Asian and Hollywood stars who got into trouble because of drugs.

Gao Hu

Actor Gao Hu (right). -- PHOTO: ST FILE

The 40-year-old Chinese actor was detained by Beijing police on Aug 4, 2014 for possession and use of marijuana and methamphetamine. Gao confessed that he had been smoking marijuana and tested positive for the drug. Born in Qingdao, Shandong province, Gao has acted in many well-known movies, including Zhang Yimou's The Flowers Of War in 2011, and Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate in 2013.

Roy Cheung


In July 2014, Hong Kong actor Roy Cheung was arrested in Beijing for smoking marijuana in a hotel. He was detained following his arrest and 1.15g of marijuana was seized from his luggage. Cheung, 51, who is known for playing gangster roles in films such as the 1990s Young And Dangerous series, admitted taking drugs and his urine sample tested positive for marijuana.

Li Daimo


In March 2014, Li Daimo, a singer who rose to fame on popular talent show The Voice Of China, was sentenced to nine months' jail for hosting crystal meth parties at his apartment. News of the arrest triggered a flurry of scathing comments on Sina Weibo, with many fans finding it hard to believe that Li, one of the most popular contestants on the reality TV show, took drugs.

Zhang Mo


In 2012, actor Zhang Mo, son of actor Zhang Guoli, was found smoking marijuana in his Beijing villa. The 32-year-old was nabbed with a male friend in a police raid. The elder Zhang was forced to apologise and promised to keep his son away from drugs.



In 2011, Korean pop star G-Dragon was found to have illegally smoked marijuana but was released without an indictment as he smoked only a tiny amount. In an interrogation, the 26-year-old member of boyband Big Bang admitted smoking marijuana given to him at a club in Japan in May 2011 while he was on a performance trip.

Max Mok


In April 2011, Hong Kong actor Max Mok was arrested in Beijing for smoking marijuana. The 53-year-old star, known for his clean-cut image, was not found with any drugs when he was arrested, but had tested positive in a drugs test later.

Joo Ji Hoon


In April 2009, popular South Korean actor Joo Ji Hoon, along with another actor and an actress, was booked on drug charges. Police said Joo, 32, who shot to fame for playing Crown Prince Lee Shin in the 2006 hit idol drama Princess Hours, admitted taking drugs with fellow entertainers at drug parties.

Fiona Apple


In September 2012, American singer-songwriter Fiona Apple spent the night in a Texas jail after being arrested on a felony drug possession charge at a border patrol checkpoint where her tour bus was searched. Apple, 37, reportedly had 4g of hashish, a form of cannabis, in her possession.

Nicole Richie


In July 2007, American reality TV star Nicole Richie was sentenced to four days in jail after pleading guilty to driving under the influence of drugs. The 32-year-old adopted daughter of singer Lionel Richie was lectured by a court commissioner about driving down the wrong side of a highway.

Lindsay Lohan


The 28-year-old former Disney star has seen the inside of a jail cell on multiple occasions. In 2007, she was jailed a day after pleading guilty to cocaine use and driving under the influence. She has been in and out of rehab since 2007 for drugs, drink driving and violation of probation.


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